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THE PACMAN CHRONICLES #2 [Oct. 26th, 2006|07:11 am]
Paintbrush Art

in his darkest hour, pacman made the long pilgrimage to the sinai desert. he planned to end his anguish in the very place where his ancestors had fought against the oppression of the ottoman empire. he had nothing else left in his life except for the gargantuan carcass his body had turned into. the sinai desert felt like a suitable place for it's demise. future archaeologists would have a field trip trying to figure out what this creature had been when they would stumble upon his fossilized skeleton.

but lo and behold, god himself intervened and gave a holy mission for pacman! a divine chance for redemption had been presented before pacman and he gratefully accepted the designated task of destroying the soul-sucking demon known as 'corporate executive' who had been wreaking havoc across the globe. finally, a holy warrior able to defeat the corporate demon had been born from a mountain of mutated flesh. beware, corporate executive, your executioner has arrived.